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Be Mine

Everything about this gift is designed to wow her like never before. 20 stems of radiant, long-stem Taj-Mahal red roses are accented with fresh white million star and foliages.

Price : RM 330.00 (As shown)

Kiss Me On The Tulips

Brighten their day with our fresh white tulips and assorted wildflowers bouquet. Artfully arranged within this bouquet, is a Xerographica Tillandsia. This airplant is a living plant requiring no soil, and will last long after the flowers have faded, care card included.

Price : RM 380.00 (As shown)

Red Queen

Say it from the heart with our romantic one dozen long-stem premium imported India red roses artistically arranged in a hand-tied bouquet.

Price : RM 190.00 (As shown)


Tones of pink baby’s breath that shade into each other, graduating from light to dark. Hand-tied with textured papers and finished with a simple bow.

Price : RM 280.00 (As shown)


The best way to express how you feel is through flowers. Our pretty, all-pink hydrangea bouquet is hand-designed with textured papers and ribbons to put each beautiful bloom on display, a perfect way to put your sentiments front and center.

Price : RM 280.00 (As shown)


Deliver the most beautiful part of the day right to their door! Golden sunflowers are gathered with wildflowers to create a rustic style bouquet.

Price : RM 265.00 (As shown)

Pretty In Purple

Here’s a delightful surprise we’ve dreamed up just for you. Our florists gathered lavender & purple statice blooms, creating a lovely contrast of color. Hand-tied with textured papers, it’s the perfect gift this Valentine’s Day.

Price : RM 250.00 (As shown)

It’s Pink A.M.

Our radiant long-stem pink roses with delicate sweet williams and million star are gathered together into one gorgeous bouquet for someone who means everything to you.

Price : RM 250.00 (As shown)

Unicorn Sparkle

Surprise your love with this magical box of a unicorn inspired floral design, complete with pink ears and a gold horn. With a 360° clear window view, this arrangement of pink roses, hydrangeas and eustomas can be seen at all angles.

Price : RM 300.00 (As shown)

My Valentine

Flowers speak louder than words, and our elegant 12 long-stemmed China red roses speak volumes! Hand-arranged with lush greenery, each radiant bloom will help you express your love in the most romantic way.

Price : RM 220.00 (As shown)


Elegant is the only way to describe our beautiful bouquet. We’ve gathered 10 long-stem white lilies with million star for a gift that’s sure to make an impression. Lilies may arrive in bud form, and will bloom over the next few days.

Price : RM 250.00 (As shown)

She’s Lily Something

Highlight our classic lily blooms with one of our timeless luxury vases this Valentine’s Day. 10 stems of stargazer lilies are accented with million star and foliages. Lilies may arrive in bud form, to ensure freshness.

Price : RM 400.00 (As shown)

Scarlett O’Hara

Our lush & elegant arrangement calls to mind a time of long, romantic courtships. Arranged inside a printed metal basket, this rich gathering of blooms creates a beautiful expression of love spoken in the language of flowers.

Price : RM 650.00 (As shown)

Our premium red roses are an elegant surprise for the the one you love with all your heart. Beautifully arranged inside a satin box, 12 radiant blooms are hand-delivered and ready to delight them for any romantic reason.

Price : RM 200.00 (As shown)

My Totoro

Beautiful things happen when classic meets cuddly. Surprise someone with an arrangement of our radiant red and white roses, paired with an adorable plush Totoro and Belgium chocolate bar.

Price : RM 170.00 (As shown)

Up, Up, Away!

Everybody’s over the moon with our newest design! Handcrafted with pink roses, cotton flower and eustomas, this fun hot-air balloon inspired design is the sweetest way to make somebody smile. A pair of cute teddies are added to complete the look.

Price : RM 180.00 (As shown)

Feel The Chemis-Tree

Let her know your love is forever with a beautiful keepsake she’ll remember forever! Preserved flowers are 100% natural products that have undergone a preservation process with no need for water or sunlight.

Price : RM 350.00 (As shown)

Unicorn Baby

Let her know she’s the one with our unique moss terrarium. Lush green moss is planted in a recycled-glass dome terrarium with a prancing unicorn figurine.

Price : RM 265.00 (As shown)

Rose Bud

Imagine the look of joy on her face when she receives this beautiful preserved rose bud, placed within a clear glass dome. Fairy lights are added to give a whimsical feel. Preserved flowers are 100% natural products that have undergone a preservation process with no need for water or sunlight.

Price : RM 160.00 (As shown)

Rose Garden

For a love that’s everlasting - a keepsake treasure that will never fade. Set in a clear acrylic cube, they are the perfect tabletop accent. Preserved flowers are 100% natural products that have undergone a preservation process with no need for water or sunlight.

Price : RM 350.00 (As shown)


Dear Valued Customers,

Please be advised during the Valentine's Day peak season only products from the Valentine's Day Collection will be available for online purchase. Products purchased from the Valentine's Day Collection will only be available for delivery or pick up during 12th - 15th February 2019.

For our first 100 orders, customers will be entitled to receive a complimentary premium chocolate jar from us (while stocks last at a first come, first-served basis).

Should you need any other products please contact us at or WhatsApp us at +6012-3197772 for more information.